textile printer

    High speed and continuous printing


    High print speed of 28sqm/h (two new heads, 4pass, 720*720dpi )


    Further improvement of productivity by allowing continuous unmanned operation
      •High precision aluminium beam, ensure the flatness of the printing bed
      •Unique textile printing control board system, achieve high frequent inkjet, drop-on-demand
      •UISS, Uninterrupted Ink Supply System, 4 1.8L liter of ink bottle, is a standard feature

    Adjustable platen level

    The high accurate milled aluminum printhead carriage designed with automatic height adjustable plate up to 3.6mm above the paper, avoid the paper popping or scratching problem

    Unique capping system

    Automatic up and down capping system with cap top position fixed, makes it easy to suck ink and when do calibration, it only need to adjust the printhead.

    Aluminum cross beam

    Using high accurate Aluminum cross beam, together with reputed Hi-win guiding rail, it is solid enough to support long time and stable carriage running without any deviation,promise the precise quality printing.

    Double media collection motor

    With double media motor for stable collection, keep the paper collection balance and guarantee accurate movement direction during printing process, help improve the printing accuracy.

    Specialized Textile printing software

    Adopt specialized textile printing control system, the perfect wave curve can adapt well to temperature and humidity changes, realize stable printing without break line or head clog. Strong and big dot inkjet make sure that even high up the printhead for thick material, it can print very accurate and without any ink spray. It also highly improves the color gamut under same printing model compared with others.

    CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System)

    The bulk ink supply system achieves stable unattended printing with 8pc big ink tanks (1.8L) and cartridges (220ml), thus in 4 color mode, a maximum of 4L per color is enabled for long continuous printing.
    Operators can also refill the ink tanks even when the printer is at work.



    Head number

    Two head

    Print Method

    DX5 Piezo ink-jet method

    Print width




    Roll or sheet paper, not less than A4 or 210mm







    Sublimation ink


    4*1.8L ink tank, 4*220ml cartridge


    Double 4 color (C M Y K )

    Ink supply type

    Continuous ink supply system (CISS)

    Printing model

    8pass 14 m2/h 720dpi *1440dpi

    6 pass 19 m2/h 720dpi *1080dpi

    4 pass 28 m2/h 720dpi * 720dpi

    Media control

    Automatic feeding and collecting system

    Height of printhead

    1.8~2.8mm Adjustable

    Printing head cleaning

    Automatic cleaning and manual cleaning


    USB 2.0

    RIP software

    Photoprint 11.0 / Maintop



    Max. 1.7A/100V ~ 240V + 10%, 50/60Hz

    Packing dimension

    3450 mm × 750 mm × 920 mm

    Packing weight

    330 KGS

    Infrared drying


    Power consumption

    Under 1500VA


    Temperature : 20~32℃ ; Humidity : 35%~80%(non-condensing )