Let’s review the  China history ,In 1919 May 4th, in order to expel darkness for light, for the independence and prosperity of the motherland, a group of youth who are in high and vigorous spirits  write the song-- the most magnificent song of youth, drawn on a most magnificent picture of the youth.

As for now,it’s a new era for China and Chinese youth are always have passion to press forward because of the contents of the May Fourth spirit--patriostism ,progress ,science and democracy


 It has been passed on to a new generation.Today,as 21st century youth from SIGNSTAR who will carry forward the New May Fourth spirit.

As a technician who test the machine before machine’s delivery,In order to ensure a good quality, every machine will be strictly commissioning by me.The  job is ordinary ,but responsiblity is extrordinary .I will carry forward the May 4th spirit by working up to high standards and strict requirements.



Loving sale ,servicing clients with heart and soul ,creating values for our company and clients is our responsibility .Leting SIGNSTAR machine shown all over the world and making Machinery made in China known all over the world.

We carry forford May 4th spirit by our speciality ,service ,passion and performance.


In the spirit of "quality first, customer supreme", we supply you presale service, in service and after service;Delivery products in time and quickly , check the accounts clearly ,enable the coorperation go well,we holding this faith in our heart .The  job is ordinary ,but responsiblity is extrordinary .I will carry forward the May 4th spirit by our passion,service ,thanksgiving and dedication.

Strict production process, according to the process operation;Strictly  quality of our products, strives for perfection;Adhere to the "sorting, reorganization, cleaning, clean and literacy" 5 s connotation;Efficient, on time delivery;Is our production department, adhere to the faith of the eternal.As a member of the production department, we always remember quality is the life of the product, the product is the foundation of enterprise, inheriting the spirit, to ensure that each printer outputs high quality images.Ordinary jobs lifts the extraordinary responsibility.We carry forward May 4th spirit by our  rigorous, pragmatic, efficient, quality inheritance spirit to work.



Service clients with distinction
Creat values for our company
Embrace change to carry forward
Team collaboration system
Dedicated passion and effective performance
International view and multiple compatible
Employee growth with business partner
Thanksgiving and dedicated to our society

The era of “expel foreign invader ”is passed ,as  youth in 21century,we have the responsibility to carry forward the May 4th spirit by starting from the dedication to work .The  job is ordinary ,but responsiblity is extrordinary .I

Let’s creat a bright future by dedicating ourselves !