Shanghai New International Expo 2017 Pudong




Dear sir / girl:
We are very honored to invite you to participate in this exhibition, "the U.S. chapter clothes called Hua, that great ritual of summer", Chinese has been known as "dressed on the country, a state of ceremonies". From Beijing Zhoukoudian's first bone needles, to the thousands of miles across the Silk Road; wide shirt sleeve from the Han Dynasty emperor noble jade dress to the bamboo grove and, from the Tang dynasty women's open chest seductive powder gorgeous costumes to the Song Dynasty plain cover jacket coat coat lining. The Chinese dress after thousands of years of interpretation of precipitation, Taipei woman reflected very pretty and charming figure of the cheongsam, men have a dignified formal Zhongshan costumes, costume art has been Jae Hee Yan continuation of this exhibition from home and abroad with thousands of outstanding brands, we will provide the high reputation of Xi Yan four series equipment, will also provide in various fields and has practical use of technology solutions, and more unexpected surprise you. Hee Yan waiting for you in N4C04