Inter textile Shanghai home textiles ------the real ceremony in textile


      Napoleon once said:‘A soldier who doesn't want to be a general isn't a good soldier’.We Signstar are willing to be the ‘general’in digital textile field. Driven by the passion for hometextile and positive attitude towards challenge, we attended the Inter Textile Shanghai Home Textiles from 26th t0 28th August.


     This expo is held in held in National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai). Different from former expos, this expo impresses visitors with its elegance and fashion. Diverse products, innovative display as well as advanced quality all draw visitors' attention greatly. Of course this is tightly related to the theme of this expo---hometextile. It's more of a competition between innovation and wisdom than display of home textiles. Here subdivision of the whole market contributes a lot to the professional and precise development of hometextile business.


     As a professional manufacturer of digital textile printer,  there is no doubt that we will attend this big ceremony. First of all, in order to give visitors a more comprehensive and better understanding on our products, our manager Ms Liu kindly prepares a video on how our machine works, including the classification of material, choice of inks and  printing solution. I believe which will with remove clients' doubts timely and effectively.


     In addition, in order to meet client's needs on advanced products, this time we displayed our direct textile printer TXR1802 & TXR3202 specially designed for hometextile field. Different sizes adapt well to various fabrics, so no matter what your product is , we can provide a customized  machine for you. And this time  for two machines, we all choose to print on cotton fabric, the difference is that one machine printed with reactive ink while the other  is pigment ink. Even if  treated with reactive ink, we have professional  whole set of before and after printing equipments available.


      It's obvious that now we are in a personalized and innovative era, so-called saturation is just the setbacks which prohibit you from marching. For the same products, different people will certainly give you different ideas and designs, as long as you obey your heart and show your attitue, we Signstar will spare no efforts to provide machine you want!


                                    Thanks for your reading!