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     China has a another short name called“huaxia”, which means beautiful cloth and good etiquette. The pursuit to pretty cloth begin from our ancient times. In Han dynasty from 202 B.C to 220 A.C, the emperor and minister make the golden into golden wire then knit a golden cloth;


In Tang dynasty from 618 AC to 907 AC, our cloth is a gorgeous open style; In Song Dynasty from 960 AC to 1279 AC, the cloth is very simple and guard style. With the history develop after 1910, Qipao is the lady's favorite and it can display lady's pretty figure. For man, the Zhongshan suit is very official but new fashion style.


Now it is 21 century, what is our main character for our age ? We can say it is inkjet digital textile printing technology. It can make the computer design into a cloth so fast and even very small quantity. It also has no any environment pollution. So it meet the current fast, specific character,fashion consume culture.


Our SIGNSTAR is focus on the digital textile printing machine field and now we launched series TXR,TXD,TP models according to different media, application and they got very good feedback from the market. We will continually to develop more good function textile printer with economics cost but stable performance and widely application.


Hope more and more clients contact us to establish the cooperation relationship.